Added pace and accuracy to production scenario design

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Oy

Delfoi has delivered a solution to Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc that is used to plan capacity use at the Helsinki shipyard in a variety of manufacture scenarios.

Shipyard Director Juha Sinkkonen reports great satisfaction with the end result. “Previously, preparing a production scenario took a week after the sales scenario had been completed. Today, the results are nearly immediately available, and a production scenario can be designed in an hour’s time. The impacts of productional restrictions on the shipyard schedule and sales scenarios are visible in a single tool.”

Need for quick and accurate planning

The need for production planning development arose from the goals of operational development and the new operational profile of the Helsinki shipyard. Consequently, a larger share of the work carried out at the shipyard nowadays focuses on the post-block production stages, as the grand blocks and floating hulls arrive in Helsinki ready-made from other shipyards. In the initial situation, Arctech made use of the “crystal ball tool” which enabled the quick modelling of alternative sales scenarios. The goal was to develop the tool in a way that enabled taking the restrictions of the shipyard production and design more easily into account in the scenarios. In terms of delivery capacity, it is very important to have a model available that is accurate enough and also takes capacity and other essential restrictions into account when planning schedules.

According to Petri Nousiainen, Director for Manufacturing Operations Management, taking production and design into account at an early stage makes it possible to develop the scenario in terms of balanced workloads and resource allocation during bottlenecks, for example. Higher operational productivity can be achieved by, for example, evening workload peaks out into a more continuous, steady workload. Taking productional restrictions into account at the planning stage of sales scenarios requires obtaining a lot of experience-based information and making routine-like deductions/calculations, which burdens manufacture planners. The goal of the project was to create a tool that would facilitate planners’ work and enable faster scenario planning without compromising accuracy!

The tool turned out to be accurate and functional

The solution consists of an easy-to-use design and reporting user interface and the Delmia Quest Express simulation software. From the specification and implementation stages, the project proceeded to piloting. Together with the experts of Arctech, the parameters required in the modelling were specified, and at the piloting stage, the functionality and accuracy of the tool were tested in many ways. The results from the piloting showed that the model enables achieving highly accurate results and that the results can be used to make the right decisions. Final adjustments were made after the completion of the piloting stage, and the tool and the simulation software were adopted into use in January 2013.

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc.

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc specialises in Arctic marine technology and shipbuilding. The main products of the company include icebreakers and other Arctic offshore and special vessels. Arctech also unites the marine industry clusters of Finnish and Russia. Arctech has a long history in shipbuilding. At the Helsinki shipyard, ships have been built for nearly 150 years, including 60 per cent of the world’s operative icebreakers. The shipyard continuously aims to develop new shipbuilding solutions and maintain its position as a pioneer in the industry. Arctech operates at the Hietalahti shipyard in Helsinki and employs approximately 400 people.

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