A software for robot energy savings

Robot energy consumption hasn’t been a topic in robotics so far though it’s high relevance. Productivity and efficiency are in focus when developing hardware and software for the future industrial robotics. Adding sustainability to the agenda hasn’t have to be in conflict with efficiency related requirements.

Delfoi has developed an offline programming and simulation application for energy optimization for industrial robots. The application was developed in AREUS EU project. Energy saving application optimizes robot trajectories for minimal energy consumption while keeping robot cycle times the same as without energy optimization.

Energy consumption of a robot system is dependent and relative to e.g. following factors:

  • mass of robot arm and masses of individual links
  • mass of end-effector combined with the load (handled object)
  • link lengths of offsets
  • the distance of link gravity centers and end effector plus load from the robot base
  • joint accelerations and cartesian accelerations

Besides own developed algorithms Delfoi is utilizing energy optimizing algorithms developed by University of Modena, Italy.

The application is most powerful for processes and operations where robot arms are producing high velocities and accelerations and the handled loads are relatively big. For example spot welding, material handling, palletizing and machine tending are such operations.

See the video on YouTube.