Let the users decide!

Robot offline programming is still a subject of skepticism. Is it accurate enough? Is it difficult to use? How fast is the program generation? Is the program code flawless? How about commissioning and implementation? Who needs it anyhow? Bad experience from cumbersome software might still be in memory.

A reference may be just a company logo associated with an offline programming software or service. It’s unclear if a reference company is really using the software and have they gained all the benefits they were looking for. Are the programming stoppages in history or is online teaching still used? Sometimes a user doesn’t even use the software anymore due to it’s complexity, slowness and poor accuracy, but a reference logo remains.

A case story or use case is meant to be the description of using an offline programming or any software from a user’s perspective. Case story tells not only technical facts and figures but also benefits and usefulness of the software to a company.

Let the users speak: Link

Picture: Courtesy, Ponsse Oyj (Ponsse Scorpion).