Program your robots offline at home!

Ability to work at home is an advantage these days as many engineers and robot operators are not allowed to stay at their work premises. Remote commissioning of the software is also possible now.

Digital Twin

Offline programming, OLP, allows a robot operator or an engineer to program the robots from the “home office”. A programmer is not dependent on the place or location where the programs are generated. Programming using a CAD based offline programming software is based on a Digital Twin, an exact simulation model, replica, of the real robot system. The Digital Twin follows you home while the actual robot system stays in the factory and continues working there.

Digital Twin of a robot grinding cell. Courtesy of Fastems Group. Read more about Fastems and Fastsimu here

Remote Commissioning is a sustainable way of working

Delfoi is introducing a new remote commissioning concept which means that no engineers are required to travel to a customer’s premises to implement the Digital Twin, i.e. to measure a real robot system and calibrate the respective robot simulation model for accuracy. This work can now be conducted offline.

Remote Commissioning concept includes interactive and intuitive instructions for mobile devices and additional calibration measurement programs. A customer performs the measurement touch-ups while Delfoi performs the calibration of a simulation model. The result, Digital Twin, is send to a customer simply via e-mail and the software is ready for programming. Prior to programming, the training of users will be conducted – also remotely using an interactive virtual training platform.

Remote Commissioning help instructions, online. Courtesy of Delfoi.

Sustainable way of working

The new commissioning concept is environmentally friendly and sustainable. A commissioning engineer takes easily tens of flights a year to travel to factories and premises located all over the world.  Delfoi’s remote commissioning concept allows working together with a customer without need to travel.