Our partners are located in Europe, China, India, Russia and the USA. Please, click the logos below to access the websites of each partner company.


Mach-Machines LLC is the authorized reseller of Delfoi Robotics, Delfoi Planner and other Delfoi products in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Mach-Machines is an engineering software company dedicated to the distribution, training, installation and support of Delfoi software.  The Mach-Machines team has many years of combined experience in the automation of sheet metal fabrication processes and manufacturing in general.  Mach-Machines’ head office is located in Cincinnati, OH.

More information: Mach Machines


APEXIZ offers digital manufacturing solutions such as 3D simulation and robot offline programming. APEXIZ and its partner companies have a many years of experience in developing simulation and robot offline programming software.

More information: APEXIZ 


GLOBAL SE Co., Ltd is located in Ulsan, KOREA and the company base on the best technology of 3D CAD system from Oct 2010. We are providing CAD system consulting service, CAD library construction service and IT software development service in the Shipbuilding/Off-shore/Plant industry. We are always trying to become the best partner that performs to maximize productivity and satisfying customers by providing excellent service through active and friendly support.

More information: GLOBAL SE


Simfact is a Danish company specialized within production development and particularly automated productions, where we support both line builders and end-customers. Based on a digital twin we support all project stages from feasibility study to workcell simulation and finally Offline Programming (OLP). We have great experience within commissioning within several processes.

MAJA Engineering Co provides improvement for industries methods, productivity and automation. It also offers drafting services with practical experience. Read more: MAJA ENGINEERING



ProduLAS is an experienced Dutch robot system integrator with more than 20 years of experience in integration of industrial robot systems. The company is official system partner of Yaskawa Motoman.  Produlas supply and install innovative robot projects at various companies in a number of different sectors. The team of specialists designs and commissions new installations and provides services for working installations. In addition, the company also develops welding jigs and fixtures for their customers.  Homepage: Produlas



Welmax has extensive experience in designing, building and customizing welding machines and welding equipment. Welmax also provides services with repairs and maintenance, as well as rent and sale of second-hand equipment. Our core business is related to oil and gas, offshore, shipbuilding, energy, pipe mills, process industry, power generation and pipelines.

Welmax is one of Norway’s biggest suppliers of mechanized welding production-equipment. With the company’s expertise attracting international attention, Welmax continues to expand with projects in countries around the world.



Flexcon provides development and consulting services related to simulation, scheduling, optimization and Manufacturing Business Process Management.



The company Severt established in 1964 and located in Vreden, Germany is manufacturing special purposed machines and high-end robotic welding stations. Large precission manufactured robot gantry stations is a speciality of the company. The company also has an own production site in Poland.


Blastman Robotics Ltd

World leader in the supply of reliable and advanced robotic abrasive blast-cleaning systems

Blastman Robotics Ltd has over 30 years’ experience in delivering tailored applications for road and rail transport, foundries, wind power and energy, diverse steel structures, aerospace and much more.


DUALIS GmbH IT Solution

For more than 20 years well-known national and international clients from diverse industries have depended on the innovative product portfolio and know-how of the Dresden software firm DUALIS GmbH IT Solution. DUALIS is one of the leading software and service providers in the fields of simulation, process optimization and detailed order planning.  Find out more about us and our extensive range of products. You’ll be convinced!



LAC is an independent foundation connected to the University of Twente. We fully provide Delfoi Arc system integration for all robot brands, such as ABB, Cloos, Yaskawa and OTC.Also, we offer training in Delfoi Arc and feasibility studies based on this software. LAC has an integral partnership with NIL (The Dutch Institute for Welding technologies, IWF). Hence, we can provide robot welding certification as well.


Rolan Robotics

Rolan Robotics is a Dutch robot system integrator with more than 34 years of experience with integration of industrial robots in a wide variety of markets and applications. Rolan Robotics has already delivered hundreds of robot systems in the Benelux, in the past mainly in the connection sector. This sector consists of conventional MIG- and TIG welding applications but also laser-weld applications. The handling robot fulfils a substantial part in our field of application.


Shanghai Yuanheng Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Located in Shanghai, China, owner of Shanghai Yuanheng Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. has more than 15 years of experience managing large, high value, critical projects for their clients. The company has an international customer base and extensive experience sourcing suppliers, applying improvement processes, and providing education and implementation support for companies looking for performance improvements. Their key capabilities include factory simulation and robotic offline programming.


DELFOI TANOTI Technologies Pvt Ltd

DELFOI TANOTI Technologies Pvt Ltd was started in 2012 at Bangalore, by partnering with DELFOI OY, Finland to help organization leverage leading cutting edge technologies for engineering and manufacturing improvements. The team of DELFOI, OY and DELFOI TANOTI, India over the years have worked in varied industries and domains, there by bringing the best-in-class solution to its customers.
More information: Delfoi Tanoti



Dyntell is a partner for companies who want to continue growing with IT and economic data support to help meet their needs and objectives with several hundred clients in Hungary and abroad. Dyntell’s team of experienced consultants gained their knowledge from working in real-life positions. Dyntell’s ERP system is being used in more than 250 locations. Dyntell has signed a partner agreement with Delfoi for providing Delfoi Planner as part of their Dyntell ERP system.


Ono Technology

Ono Technology, an Industry 4.0 focused tech hub, was conceived through the careful analysis and cultivation of demand flooding the industrial sector in Turkey. Cofounded by business veterans who accumulated years of know-how and expertise working at and counseling multinationals in digital, communications and automation, Ono aims to aid manufactures and producers alike keep up with the latest innovations of digital, IOT and robotics revolution that is taking our world by storm. Through its professional partner channel that consists of integrators all over Turkey, Ono serves as a tech hub for Industry 4.0 transformative technologies.

More information: Ono Technology



Founded in 1980, Sumig specializes in welding and cutting solutions, seeking to constantly surpass the borders of quality and technology. With innovative products, developed with our own technology, the company is continously expanding and is the segment leader of the Brazilian market.



R-Pro has been working in markets like Russia, CIS and the Baltic countries for over 20 years.
R-Pro specializes in the creation of rational and digital manufacturing: 3D-modelling, simulation, optimization and robotization of production and logistic processes.
We use principles of Lean Six Sigma together with digital tools to achieve the best result for our clients.

More information: R-Pro


Established in 1992, Pitotech Co. LTD is a consultancy company situated in the middle of Taiwan in Changhua City. Our services include technical training and supplies for various advanced professional software and equipment; industrial 4.0 solutions, system automation simulation services.

More information: Pitotech

Systemworkx employees are partnering with Delfoi since 1997. As a result in 2008 Delfoi GmbH was formed as a German branch of Delfoi for the German speaking market. Starting now from 01.01.2019 former Delfoi GmbH is now integrated in the Systemworkx AG network.

Systemworkx has a deep knowledge in the process chain from CAD to Shop Floor Manufacturing, Simulation and Production Planning.Specifically Systemworkx is offering a parametric and associative CAD integration with Delfoi Robotsimulation, that works similar to well established CADCAM solutions for NC machines. Furthermore as a Dell, IBM, Citrix, VM Ware, Nvidia GRID partner, Systemworkx can also deliver innovative computer and network hardware solutions.

More information: Systemworkx

Automise was founded in 2019 and focuses on the automation of various production processes. Automise specializes in engineering aimed at the robotics industry, such as designing robot installations and the necessary tooling. In addition, we program all possible robot brands both online and offline, for example; OTC, ABB, Yaskawa, Kuka, Fanuc and more. Automise has a partnership with Delfoi and uses the software to program robots offline. In order to provide companies with the necessary knowledge, we provide personal and independent advice, training and courses in the field of robotics.

More information: Automise

The Femitec Group located in Augsburg and established in 2004, is focused on development, simulation, realization and service of individual robot welding,  robot mounting and robot grinding solutions. We hereby offer our products as key to hand projects. With a sustainable developed portfolio of robot positioners, deep know how in offline programming and applications, combined with wide experiences in vision techniques we provide customized high tech solutions.

More information: Femitec