Delfoi Planner APS – Advanced production scheduling

The visual Gantt chart allows for easy planning by using automation and drag-and-drop functionality. The software includes a range of advanced scheduling algorithms for optimizing the production. While planning, one can always utilize synchronized and up-to-date manufacturing data. Compared to legacy systems, like MS Excel, with Delfoi Planner a new plan is ready in minutes instead of hours.

Delfoi Planner: visual Gantt for advanced planning and scheduling.

Orders are scheduled using automatic scheduling and the drag-and-drop functions in the Gantt chart. Scheduled plans can be visually rechecked e.g. for material shortages, delays and progress of work. The software has number of options for timing orders with backward and forward scheduling. Changing the schedule is fast and easy. Planner can re-schedule a single operation, selected production orders or execute full optimization of the plan. Several concurrent planners can work simultaneously with the same plan.

Delfoi’s advanced scheduling software can dramatically reduce production lead times, minimize work in progress and improve delivery accuracy. The cloud-based solution is easy to deploy, and it enhances transparency of planning between production units and sales departments, and other interest groups of the company – globally.


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