Delfoi Planner is a user-friendly and visual production planning solution to optimize your production. It replaces spreadsheet applications that are still frequently used in production scheduling. Delfoi Planner dramatically improves planning transparency and delivery reliability, shortens production lead times an minimizes work in progress.

Production planning, scheduling and control

Delfoi’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution provides visibility for complex operations. All interest groups have instant access to the scheduling software via internet no matter where they are located. Thanks to it’s scalability the same software is well suited also for small job shops. User experience represent best-in-class. The software is easy to use and therefore reduces planning time from several hours to just few minutes.

Delfoi Planner uniquely includes Advanced Scheduling (APS), Manufacturing Execution (MES) and Capacity Forecasting (SOP) capabilities. Delfoi Planner is well suited for discrete and project type manufacturing, service and maintenance operations. Delfoi Planner can easily be integrated into other IT and ERP systems using Delfoi’s open REST-interface.

Delfoi’s advanced scheduling software can dramatically reduce production lead times, minimize work in progress and improve delivery accuracy. The cloud-based solution is easy to deploy, and it enhances transparency of planning between production units and sales departments, and other interest groups of the company – globally.

Delfoi Planner benefits

Improved transparency and planning efficiency

  • Decrease planning time by 2/3
  • On-line/real-time visibility
  • Easier change management

Increased productivity

  • Shortened lead times by 50%
  • Improved delivery accuracy from 60 to 95%
  • Reduced WIP by 20-30%
  • Increased capacity by 20-40%
  • Decreases planning time by 2/3

Delfoi Planner advantages

Web-based solution

Delfoi Planner is a native web-solution that ensures easy access, transparency of planning and lower software life cycle costs. Delfoi Planner is provided from Delfoi cloud with TSL/SSL-security, back-up and replication services. Delfoi Planner SaaS makes implementation, training and testing cost efficient, easy and fast.

Best user interface on the market

Delfoi Planner is considered a most user friendly and easy to use solution on the market. The system is very intuitive to use, and the set-up and configuration is extremely fast and easy for advanced admin users.


Delfoi Planner has an open REST(.json) -interface for partners, integrators and advanced customers.

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