Delfoi Planner MES – Shop Floor Control

Delfoi Planner MES offers a simplified shop-floor user interface for confirming and reporting operations. Work instructions, quantity and other production notes can be viewed and reported through the digital work orders. Delfoi’s shop-floor interface enables paperless interface for production control and monitoring. With Delfoi Planner MES users at Shop Floor or in remote operations can connect with the plan and report the operations status online.

The system support easy role and user-based configuration for view and columns. The list can be modified for resource, person or orders easily with filtering options.

Delfoi Planner MES is available in tablets and smart phones on Android, Windows and iOS operating systems.

Delfoi Planner MES functions

  • Scheduled work lists for resources, persons, orders
  • Start, Break, Finnish of operations
  • Operations reporting such as quantity, time, quality, notes
  • Linking work instructions
  • Picking list
  • Limited visibility to Supplier confirmations

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