Remote commissioning

Restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic made us think about new ways of commissioning the software. As a result, a remote commissioning concept was created, where all stages of the software commissioning project are conducted online.

Usually the calibration and commission of a simulation and programming software takes roughly from a couple of days to a week of time, depending on the size of the system. This is a notable expense for both sides of the project.

Due to remote commissioning, these expenses, like travelling expenses can be eliminated. Also the time used for the training can be enhanced as the software training takes place online and the details can be agreed separately with the customer.

Remote commissioning of robot cells consists of three phases:

  1. First the layout is modelled from the CAD-geometries and calibration measurements for that layout are performed at the physical robot cell. These measurements can either be created with the teach pendant or they can be pre-created with the modelled layout. These pre-created program points can then be touched-up in the real robot. In these measurements, the position and orientation of the robot TCP is defined, which is then used to determine the positions and orientations of other components inside the layout. When the measurement programs are ready, they are sent to Delfoi for the layout calibration.
  2. Second, the calibration measurements are uploaded to the simulation, where they are used to define the kinematics and positions of the layout components. The results of the calibration are tested by creating new programs, where the robot is driven to reference locations inside the cell. Customer will go through these programs and verify that the required accuracy has been achieved.
  3. Lastly, after a successful testing, user training for the software is held via an online-conference software. After this training, the software is ready for use.

All the project conducted during the pandemic show, that remote commissioning has come here to stay. Read more about Case Fortaco, where the software was successfully commissioned to Narva, Estonia.