Offline programming

Robot simulation and offline programming

Offline programming can reduce the production stoppage at least by 1/10 compared to online teaching or e.g. from 40 hours to less than 4 hours. This is the minimum norm and result of intensive product development and implementation projects with our clients during over two decades.

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Offline programming (OLP) is a robot programming method that does not interfere with production as the robot program is generated outside the production process on an external PC. The process corresponds to CNC programming practices, CAD/CAM. The Delfoi Robotics product range includes software for many different robotics applications and guarantees leading solutions to meet the requirements of demanding customers. Instead of being able to create robot programs for just one robot brand, Delfoi Robotics OLP applications are brand independent. Using just one effective OLP tool for all major robot brands is a big advantage for companies.

Delfoi Robotics Software

Robot’s utilization rate over 90%

The utilization rate of robots may be high – even with lot size #1 production. Delfoi is one of the world’s leading suppliers of robot offline programming (OLP) and simulation systems. Industrial companies manufacturing with Delfoi Robotics software have eliminated programming stoppages from their production and cut the programming downtime from two weeks or a month even to a single day. The utilization rate of the robots has grown in a short-run production company from 30% to over 90%.

Offline programming supports lean manufacturing

Offline programming (OLP) means programming robots outside the production. Offline programming, unlike online programming by teaching, can eliminate production downtime (i.e. the “waste”) caused by the programming. The elimination of waste is a central development target in Lean manufacturing. The time for the adoption of new programs is cut from weeks to even a single day, which enables the robotization also for lot size #1 production.

Calibration features guarantee that the programs will be accurate and the ramp-up time of new programs starts quickly. The software is used both by big OEM’s as well as small and medium size manufacturers.

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Offline programming for different processes

Offline programming software is used with variety of robotized processes. Typically, the software is used to generate the tool paths and create a robot program automatically without need for typing any commands.

Simulation is an essential part of programming to avoid any issues, like collisions, join violations, exceeding speed or acceleration limits. Also, analysis for a good quality before execution of the programs is crucial.

Universal – robot brand independent software

Delfoi Robotics software products are robot brand independent. The same software goes for offline programming of all major robot brands. This is a unique benefit for companies as they can freely invest in robot brand that will best suit their needs.