Patria Finavicomp

The truth is in there!

To succeed in future business is to be quicker and better at making decisions than the competitors.
This leaves no room for guesswork in the decision making process.

Patria Finavicomp has taken up the challenge and is running its composite manufacturing process at full capacity and manufacturing rates of the year 2007 without putting a single brick in the wall! All this happens in a virtual factory, today’s crystal ball.

Be quick – think innovative

The basic idea of simulation is simple: you can design, validate, implement, experiment and optimise varied ideas in a virtual environment without disturbing real-life processes, either when creating something totally new, or when improving current processes to further throughput and efficiency. It even enables trying something totally crazy or revolutionary.

Simulation is a tool and requires good basic know-how, management, control and monitoring of real-life processes. On top of this you have to be creative and fearless enough to validate entirely new ways of doing things to develop your business.

A jump in time

Patria Finavicomp is planning to invest in a new composite manufacturing building with new equipment. A conventionally designed building would be based on a static model of the needed floor space for tools, people, equipment etc. This works fine when manufacturing rates or product specifications are assumed to remain the same. But as soon as a short lead-time has been set and low inventory, optimum material flow, highcycle times or maximum capacity utilisation are the driving factors for factory design, the static model is just not enough.

Furthermore, the A380 spoiler design has been linked to the factory simulation. Requirements of different manufacturing technologies have been used as inputs when simulating the new factory.

Building a totally new virtual factory requires seamless co-operation and good communication between the model supplier and designer team. In Patria Finavicomp’s case this was managed very successfully with the Finnish company Delfoi, a major player in virtual modelling in the Nordic countries.

The basic model and some revisions have been run and are under optimisation. At the moment we have quite a good understanding of the layout and the required equipment. We don’t know all the details yet, but what we do know is that the truth is in there!

Tapani Huikuri
General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Patria Finavicomp Oy