Small series robot welding research project launched

Delfoi is a partner in a project funded by Business Finland and led by VTT, which is part of the international SMART-TANDEM Eureka! joint project. The project involves 15 partners from Sweden, Finland, South Korea and Canada. The project has a budget of 5.2 million euros. The project consortium is a strong combination of industry, technology providers and academy.
The collaborative partners from Sweden include Volvo Construction Equipment, GKA Aerospace, Axson, Procada and University West. From Finland – besides VTT – will participate Sandvik, Kesla, Sandvik, JTA Connection, Delfoi and University of Tampere. From Korea there will be Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) and AMP Korea. The participants from Canada are Empower Operations Corp. and Simon Fraser University.

Jigless welding / Multi-robot welding

Worsening shortage of welders

The background is the common interest of the manufacturing companies: it must be possible to reduce the manual welding due to the chronic and always worsening shortage of welders. Robot welding is needed to be used in welding tasks that are mostly done manually today.

Automatic program generation of welding robots

Delfoi is developing automation of robot programming in the project. Instead of robot programming, we are talking about automatic program generation. Welding robots must also be able to cost-effectively weld small series and individual products such as structural steel beams, ship blocks, and complex large assemblies such as machine frames. The themes of programming and robotics include automatic robot path planning, jig-free welding, a robot as a part positioner, tag welding, and teamwork for multiple robots. The integration of welding data into CAD models and its utilization in the automatic generation of programs is also one development task.

The above is quoted from an article in Tekniikka & Talous magazine by Janne Tervola