Real-time control simulation at Cimcorp

Real-time control simulation at Cimcorp


Swisslog Cimcorp is a robotics specialist, concentrating on internal corporate logistics. The company supplies automated handling systems for television and monitor tube manufacturers and food and beverage distributors. Swisslog Cimcorp assists its customers in controlling the logistics of a material flow, making sure machinery can withstand the stress of continuous three-shift work, and maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in the premises. Swisslog Cimcorp also provides robots for the needs of the entire Swisslog Group and is responsible for the group’s customer support services.


Swisslog Cimcorp designs system software of higher levels of the system including material flow analysis and programmable logic design using simulation. The company has used simulation model as a design platform (3D simulation model connected to control software using Delfoi Integrator) for several years. Scheduling, optimisation, routing and overall functionality is tested in advance.


Today Swisslog Cimcorp is selling three to four times larger systems than before applying simulation technology. Total integration gives the possibility to test the whole system in advance and thus less real facilities and human resources are needed in the introduction phase. The design work is done at home, not at a customer’s premises.