Great partnership sharing the same ambition, vision, and passion

Mach Machines LLC is the authorized reseller of Delfoi Robotics, Delfoi Planner and other Delfoi products in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Mach Machines is an engineering software company dedicated to the distribution, training, installation, and support of Delfoi software. The Mach Machines team has many years of combined experience in the automation of sheet metal fabrication processes and manufacturing in general.

The relationship that started with Delfoi only two years ago has grown from reselling and delivery to a deep partnership, where different skills of both partners complement each other very well. Learning from each other has boosted mutual businesses.

“We saw this as an opportunity to partner together in our joint strengths – they had this amazing software, and we had the expertise in communicating the value of manufacturing solutions. No other company offered the total solution of software and service”, says Anthony Johnson, VP of Business Development at Mach Machines.

Making the transition to automation easy and efficient

Mach Machines is the premier supplier of offline robotic welding programming software in the US. The company hopes to share their vision of the future of welding with all fabricators: to create welding programs in minutes not weeks. As more and more companies inevitably switch to programming their welding robots with offline software, Mach Machines is a resource to help make that transition easy.

Get ready for Multi-Robot Programming!

“Mach Machines’ main mission is to help fabricators and manufactures embrace automation. We have expertise in manufacturing solutions and specifically software. We know what it takes to do the job the right way and Mach Machines has solutions to help these fabricators actually arrive at the goal of automation”, says Anthony Johnson

Quality that meets expectations and demand

Delfoi Robotics offline programming software represent the most advanced offline programming technology available today. The software is unique where time, money, and quality counts. The Delfoi Robotics product range covers comprehensive areas in industrial robotics applications and guarantees leading solutions to meet the needs of every company.

“We think that Delfoi ARC is the #1 parametric and feature-based offline programming software for welding robots. The main benefit is that professionals program much faster with Delfoi, fully utilizing the incredible breadth of welding functionality. Every day, our customers benefit from getting a program to the machine more quickly than ever before” says Anthony Johnson, VP of Business Development at Mach Machines.

Winning competition and feeling good about making a difference

A professional and active sales and project engineering team has been the main factor behind Mach Machines’ success in the U.S. Even if competition is continuously getting tougher, Mach Machines has been able to win market share across the country. The competitive advantage has been gained by a superior offering, by really understanding customers’ needs and providing those customers with a solution that turns inefficient operations, productive.

First of all, we go on site. We have several engineers here in the States to install the software, whereas our competitors try to do everything remotely. Secondly, is that Delfoi’s software and the technology inside is much better. The interface is very easy to use, and the things happening in the background and underneath the hood of Delfoi are more intelligent than our competitors. The automation pathway is perfect”, say Anthony Johnson.

Future looks brighter than ever

The future of automation in manufacturing is expected to continue and the market for offline programming software is growing. Businesses need to embrace automation in the future if they want to stay competitive and the benefits of the transition are understood more widely every day.

“Every manufacturer is wanting more automation. The average age of a welder continues to go up, so the technology should only become easier to use. The data that we need to make good welds should only become more standardized and easier to implement. What our customers want is more automation, and we want to be their partner in that process”, Anthony Johnson, VP of Business Development at Mach Machines concludes.


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