New strategy and growth required sophisticated planning solutions

Accrol Group Holdings plc is the UK’s leading independent tissue converter, producing private label toilet roll, kitchen roll and facial tissue products for most of the UK’s major grocery retailers. When Accrol changed its strategy, one of the main goals was the improve operational efficiency and invest in new ERP solution. When Accrol chose NetSuite for its ERP solution, the production planning solution needed to align with NetSuite.

“Our first priority was to get a modern planning tool and integrate it to NetSuite.  Previously all the planning was done on customised spreadsheets and was very manual. We were going through NetSuite ERP implementation and as planning was the largest piece for manufacturing, we wanted a more sophisticated solution.  General planning solutions were very manual and there were limitations in terms of having to reschedule things. We wanted to see other options”, says Ed Hough, who was responsible for Accrol’s NetSuite ERP implementation.

Advanced planning, advanced scheduling and shop floor interface – all in one package

Delfoi Planner for NetSuite is a user-friendly and visual production planning solution to optimize production. Delfoi Planner for NetSuite uniquely includes Advanced Scheduling (APS), Manufacturing Execution (MES) and Capacity Forecasting (SOP) capabilities. Delfoi Planner for NetSuite dramatically improves planning transparency and delivery reliability. The cloud-based solution is easy to deploy, and it enhances transparency of planning between production units and sales departments, and other interest groups of the company. These were among the reasons why Accrol selected Delfoi Planner.

“We first decided to go for a proof of concept with initial analysis and design. Delfoi came over and we had a twoday planning meeting. They understood what we wanted, we quickly understood the big picture and what the tool provided. The cooperation and communication started immediately”, says Ed Hough.

Professional implementation guaranteed great results

Delfoi Planner for NetSuite has an easy-to-use and graphical drag&drop user-interface that enables faster planning and a web-based architecture enables real-time collaboration of the plans. The Delfoi Planner for NetSuite project for Accrol and the deployment of all modules (SOP/APS/MES) was implemented on time and on budget.

“The TOP 3 reasons why I personally think Delfoi is such a great partner and why their solutions are so good for Accrol are 1) NetSuite integration 2) easy to use powerful tools and 3) Excellent professional services and implementation”, summarizes Ed Hough, who was responsible for Accrol’s NetSuite ERP implementation.

TOP 3 reasons why Delfoi is such a great partner for Accrol

  1. NetSuite integration
  2. Easy to use powerful tools
  3. Excellent professional services and implementation


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