Experienced contract manufacturer found a new way to enhance production

MSK Plast is a family-owned company with long traditions that produces custom-made plastic parts using both injection and reaction injection moulding. MSK Plast supplies plastic parts of various sizes and models to many different industrial sectors, primarily to the electrical, energy, automobile and technology industries.

Changing customer needs presented new challenges to production

MSK Plast manufactures thousands of different kinds of plastic parts for its many customers. Small production series and customer demands for fast deliveries present new challenges to MSK Plast’s production planning and control.

“Changes keep coming at an increasingly rapid pace and demand a lot from production planning. Spreadsheet programs and the experience of individual employees used to be enough for us to somehow handle planning and scheduling at our plant. However, since we wanted to make our production more efficient, we realised we had to replace our old methods with something new,” says Reino Koski, production manager at MSK Plast.

Hitting the ground running with a skilled partner

Once the targets for production enhancement and guidelines for operations had been set, MSK Plast began scanning the market for a skilled partner and the best available tools to achieve its goals. The company was on the lookout for software that was easy to use and that could be specifically adapted to the environment of MSK Plast. Having surveyed various alternatives, the company’s choice fell on Delfoi Planner.

“Delfoi’s good references and their insight into the challenges that operators such as MSK Plast deal with played a role in our decision. Our cooperation with Delfoi has been excellent from the very beginning. They are professional, and their long experience of similar projects is visible in everything they do. Things work smoothly because we are on the same wavelength. Our staff have been receptive to the project and have actually been inspired to learn new ideas,” Reino Koski says.

Improved productivity and enhanced planning

Even though MSK Plast boasts a long and successful history as a manufacturer of plastic parts, it successfully enhanced production by developing its production planning and control. Now that Delfoi Planner has been up and running in the company for a few months, concrete results can be seen in daily activities.

“We can allocate machine and personnel resources a lot better now. We have also achieved concrete improvements in the accuracy of planning and the timing of manufacture. The visual overview of production and the ease of use are definite advantages. I estimate that the effectiveness of work has improved by 30–40%,” says Reino Koski, production manager at MSK Plast. “We plan to further develop our use of Delfoi Planner in the future. Our goal is to obtain increasingly real-time and accurate reporting and to make the data even more detailed.”