Delfoi Planner offered the best tools for production capacity management

Continuous production development is essential for profitable business

Relicomp Oy, a specialist in thin plate technology for the metal industry, has built its success on expertise in materials and demanding processing methods as well as on investments in efficient methods for manufacturing steel products. Relicomp’s production involves hundreds of work phases depending on the product structure. The company strives to manage the entire product manufacturing chain, from thin plates to final assembly. Since the resulting structural and substructural models are complex, efficient planning and control play a key role in the management of customer-oriented and profitable business.

Expertise and proof of competence were decisive in the choice of partner

Relicomp was looking for a production planning and control solution that would offer the best possible tools for managing production capacity, preventing overloading and reducing turnaround times. The former manual approach and week-to-week planning could no longer meet the need to considerably increase operational efficiency.

“We surveyed many potential partners. Several aspects spoke in favour of Delfoi. Their solid expertise and competence as well as Delfoi Planner’s suitability for our needs were decisive criteria in our decision-making. In addition, Delfoi Planner was easy to integrate into our existing ERP system, and the company had good references of numerous successful projects. Joint development also helped ensure that our multi-level structural models worked accurately,” say Mikko Salo, Production Designer, and Toni Korpela, System Developer, from Relicomp.

Quick results from a successful development project

The project was implemented rapidly thanks to close cooperation between Relicomp’s production design and system development and Delfoi’s experts. Results began to emerge soon after actual deployment.

“We are really satisfied with the results we have achieved. Turnaround times have decreased and capacity management has improved considerably. With planning and scheduling now being more automated, we have been able to increase capacity in other areas of production planning. We better understand how capacity is determined and what it is all about. Transparency and internal delivery reliability have also improved, and the need for special work arrangements has decreased,” Mikko Salo and Toni Korpela explain.

The direction for future development is defined collaboratively

Production planning and control is never fully ready. Success calls for continuous development, which is something that Relicomp and Delfoi are working on in close cooperation.

“Cooperation with Delfoi is excellent. They are easy to approach, and thanks to their solid expertise and experience, we have always managed to find a solution, whatever the question. We have jointly determined the direction of future development and set new goals for the further development of production. In concrete terms, development now focuses on indicators and reporting, for example,” say Mikko Salo, Production Designer, and Toni Korpela, System Developer, from Relicomp.

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