Delfoi Planner has been used intensively at Isover Plant

Saint Gobain Isover


Delfoi Planner has been used intensively at Isover plant in Billesholm in Sweden since 2011

At Billesholm, Isover produces insulation material both for construction and vehicles. The part of the plant using Delfoi Planner typically produces insulation for engine rooms, cabins and passenger areas in trucks, construction equipment, trains and buses. Before Planner was implemented a lot of Production Planners had to communicate with “paper and pen” and used Excel sheets to plan production and internal orders and deliveries.


  • Improved transparency through visual planning interface
  • Less paper and pen for quality and status reporting
  • Less running around for status checks
  • Improved anticipation for overtime etc. with longer planning horizon
  • Simplified and more accurate planning
  • Easy to drag and drop orders in Ganttchart

Quotes from Ivan Dikic, Prodction Planner at Isover:

  • Delfoi Planner has made planning a whole lot easier.”
  • “One of the best parts is the visual overview.”
  •  “It also means a lot for the operators to be involved, and that they may survey orders too.”
  •  “Before Planner it was paper and pen.”
  • “With Delfoi Planner we also see much earlier if we have to organize extra shifts for the weekend.”
  • “Delfoi Planner gives schedules even for our trucklift drivers.”

Delfoi Planner functionalities at Isover

  • Finite scheduling of orders in task level
  • Resource allocation and worker calendar planning
  • Production task sequencing
  • Material and product logistics scheduling
  • Task schedule tracking and monitoring
  • Downloading orders from the SAP system
  • User-specific language selection, views and user right

About Isover

ISOVER is part of the French group Saint-Gobain that designs, manufactures and distributes building materials for future homes. Solutions that make life more convenient, more economically and environmentally sustainable. As market leaders in their areas of production, they take responsibility to meet the global challenges in energy, growth and the environment. With innovative designs Isover meets future needs and are constantly developing new solutions; intelligent insulation, self-cleaning windows and glass that utilizes solar energy are some examples.

More information: Isover