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Afrit production now runs faster than ever


Afrit S7 Side Tipper. Courtesy of Afrit (Pty) Ltd.

Our engineers say that manual programming man work hours have been reduced by 80% and programming time reduced by 60%, from two weeks manual to four days offline, and we have increased our output of eight bins a day to between 16 and 20 bins a day.” says Gerhard van der Walt, Continuous Improvement Manager at Afrit. 

AFRIT is one of the most respected and innovative trailer manufacturers in South Africa. Key to the success of AFRIT has been the pledge and commitment by management, employees and partners to live by the AFRIT promise that has earned the trust and respect from clients since 1968: Quality on time.

This year, to stay on top of the digitalization trends and assure the quality on time promise years going forward Afrit decided to take Delfoi’s robot offline programming and simulation solution Delfoi ARC in use. Delfoi is a Finland-based company developing, marketing and supporting Industry 4.0 solutions worldwide.

Since the offline programming has been in use, there has been significant benefits on the production.

Ferdi Beukes, Mechatronic Engineer at Afrit has been very happy about the improvements: “Since the implementation of Delfoi ARC, our parts are more consistent as well as the repeatability of welding has improved significantly. We have more time improving welding and other systems because of the time saved by not needing to do manual programming and touch ups on the programming.

Delfoi ARC has proven to be a very versatile software, our robot systems have seam tracking functionality, Delfoi was able to implement the macros for the seam tracking. With the assistance of Delfoi’s counterpart Apexiz the commissioning could be done with great precision, “ he adds.

A multiple-axis Yaskawa welding gantry. Courtesy of Afrit (Pty) Ltd.

Delfoi’s robot offline programming has improved the quality furthermore and streamlined the processes. Time savings have been significant though the software has been in use only a relative short time.

Examples of improvements:

  • Manual programming man work hours reduced by 80%
  • Programming time reduced by 60% (from 2 weeks manual (on-line) to 4 days offline)
  • Production lead time improved by not required to do manual programming 62%
  • Number of parts lost by manual programming: 60. (Each part consists of ±120m of welding)
  • The output of welded bins has increased from eight bins a day up to 20 bins a day

Commissioning and calibration of Delfoi ARC offline programming software for AFRIT’s robotic cell was done by Delfoi’s partner in India, APEXIZ.

Hari Nidamarthy, the founder of APEXIZ, summons the benefits going forward: “We are sure that the programming time will be further reduced after they get more experienced. Features such as cloning, multi-layer, automatic axes optimization, vision system integration, feature templates and weld databases allow the users to increase their productivity enormously, especially in big systems such as AFRIT’s.”

“For us it is very important that the user is confident to copy and run the programs created offline without any touch-up and we are able to achieve it using Delfoi ARC,” he continues.

For further details:

Ferdi Beukes, Mechatronic Engineer, AFRIT, mobile: +27 76 815 2160
Hari Nidamarthy, Founder, APEXIZ, mobile: +91 9885 235 611
Heikki Aalto, EVP, Delfoi Ltd, mobile: +358 50 050 6816

AFRIT is one of the most respected and innovative trailer manufacturers in Africa. With more than 50 years  experience in the industry, and a product built on a constant drive for optimization and innovation, we remain the number one choice for customers who are looking for more efficient payload and a high return on investment.

APEXIZ offers digital manufacturing solutions such as 3D simulation and robot offline programming. APEXIZ and its partner companies have many years of experience in developing simulation and robot offline programming software.

Delfoi, established in 1990, is a pioneer company and trailblazer in robot offline programming worldwide and a world-class expert in production simulation and production scheduling and execution.