Welding of a single workpiece can be profitable

Zakład Maszyn Elektrycznych EMIT S.A.  is one of leading Polish manufacturers of three-phase electric motors and generators for high and low voltage, middle and big output that makes it the main supplier of drives for companies of fuel, power, chemical, paper, marine, mining and electromechanical industries, also train and tram engines on the domestic and European market.

The company has 100 years of experience in designing, production, service, and operation of electric machines. EMIT S.A. is a part of Cantoni Group, which is formed by domestic manufacturers of motors and electric machines as well as international sales office – Cantoni Motor.

The main goal of the company is to offer specific technical solutions, quality assurance and proper servicing of electrical machines for their customers.

EMIT S.A. basic production program consists of over 2500 types of electric machines. They also offer and deliver non-typical goods, which are not included in the catalogues, designed and executed according to clients requirements (i.e. motors for submersible pumps, motors for combined cutter loaders).


Since 2014 Emit is using OTC welding robots

The innovative robotic station designed and delivered by Sap-Weld is used for welding and copper brazing of engine rotors.

That solution became so successful that in consequence a concept of robotic welding of engine stators was born. The idea was to redesign the manufacturing technology and replace manually installed clamps with welds made by robots.  The biggest challenges in that project were the heat input control during welding process and multiplicity of different engine models manufactured by Emit. Once again Sap-Weld came with the solution offering a flexible robotic welding station equipped with OTC Twin robotic system allowing for synchronous symmetrical welding of the workpiece by two robots simultaneously and Delfoi ARC offline robot programming software that improves efficiency and flexibility of the cell by reducing its downtime almost to 0. Thanks to Delfoi ARC software features that allows to create high quality welding programs in a short time. Even welding of a single workpiece is profitable.

Main benefits of robot offline programming with Delfoi ARC at Emit S.A.:

  • Control over seam length, torch position and wire stick out in multi robot system
  • Easy process modification and evaluation for multiple seams at the same time
  • Fast programming of group of similar workpieces based on previously prepared program template modified with automatic scaling functionality
  • 100 % of robot programming is  done offline that means no technological downtime of robots
  • Better production planning and product cost calculation thanks to Delfoi ARC’s statistic tools

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