Ponsse Plc. is a Finnish company that specializes in the sales, service, manufacturing and technological development related to cut-to-length forestry machines. Currently the company is manufacturing around 1,000 machines per year. In order to stay ahead of the competition, Ponsse is also commissioning approximately one new robot station per year.

Previously, robot programming was done online and it took about five days. Online programming also meant that the robot had to be stopped while the programming was done. Naturally this lead to serious cost issues as manufacturing was delayed.

Picture. Ponsse factory at Vieremä, Finland – ideal location for the manufacturing of forest machines.


In order to take advantage of the benefits of offline programming, Ponsse has adopted Delfoi ARC – an offline programming software built on the Visual Components platform – as their main tool for programming welding robots.

The software is used for example to program the Yaskawa robots that weld the body frames of forest machines. Programs are complex with a lot of curved welds and welds inside the structure. Welding of a body frame is taking 3–4 hours to complete. Besides offline programming, typical tasks include robot weldability studies in the product design phase.

Delfoi ARC is not only used when new products are introduced, but also for refining existing programs as Ponsse is committed to continuous development. When designing new robot cells, Ponsse also uses 3DCreate by Visual Components as a layout tool.

Instead of the five days that programming previously took, now the programming can be completed in just two days – offline. The robots don’t have to be stopped for the duration of the programming so manufacturing can continue while a robot is being programmed.

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