Delfoi Planner solution for healthcare operations planning and control

Delfoi Planner is a powerful solution for planning and controlling healthcare operations. Delfoi Planner is a web- and cloud-based system which also allows mobile access to up-to-date information for all parties concerned.

The solution is based on Delfoi Planner, our state-of-the-art advanced planning and scheduling solution which is being used by a growing number of front-line companies around the world. The solution for healthcare operations planning and control allows the planning of weekly programs for patient appointment times, rooms, doctors, nurses and other staff groups as a whole. The planning is based on the forecasted patient appointments, existing space and personnel resources.

Customer needs are a starting point for faster planning and more efficient use of resources of healthcare operations planning.

This completely new solution to the previously largely overlooked problem in healthcare operations planning has already been introduced to the first customer at the beginning of 2017 and more implementation projects are ongoing.

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Typical benefits

Delfoi Planner solution enhances the transparency of processes, speeds up planning, and unites planning into one system. The system provides multiple users with up-to-date plans at the same time, reduces manual data gathering errors, and allows for easy and constant updating of plans. The system helps to improve the quality of operations, productivity and room sharing. This reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction.

The planning is done using the visual drag & drop interface.

Main features of the sofftware

Different levels of planning in the same solution
The same integrated solution includes long, medium and short-term planning for e.g. facilities, equipment, human resources, and work assignments.

Ease of use and transparency
The easy-to-use visual Drag & Drop user interface accelerates planning and learning of the solution. The plan and the realization are shared with the various parties in real time.

Management of basic data
The basic information of Delfoi Planner is easily customizable by each user. Basic data includes information used in planning such as planned facilities, equipment, work tasks, personnel, skills, and calendars.

Web based solution
The HTML5-based user interface is device-independent and provides low-cost maintenance and lifecycle costs as well as easy sharing of plans within the organization. Worklists and reports are also available on mobile devices (Android, Windows, iOS).

Delfoi Planner provides flexible interfaces to the integration of healthcare information systems such as client and patient information systems, personnel planning systems, or facility information systems. It is possible to integrate the software with different interface solutions: SOA (Webservice), XML or direct database connection.

Further information about the system and its user experiences can be provided to interested parties.