Itäkatu Family Center opens in summer 2017 - How to assure there is enough space?

2017-03-03 00:00:00.0

Itäkatu family center is the first of four family centers in Helsinki and it opens in summer 2017. The family center concept is new and it provides different social- and healthcare services under one roof for families living in Helsinki. Currently, different services are located in separate units and moving together under one roof means a change in work methods as well as a change in the use of workspaces. However, the ultimate goal is to increase the co-operation between different professionals and to ensure better services for the families. 

As the planning continued, the need to ensure that there actually will be enough space for all of the future services increased. The best way to do it so that all of the new processes and working methods are taken into consideration is through simulation. 


Delfoi´s role was to build an extensive simulation model considering that there will be separate customer areas for customer reception and a back office for documentation work. 

The simulation showed how much space is actually needed, and how the need changes throughout the day. Also, the simulation enables examination of different scenarios, which simply means a different set of assumptions, and their reflection to the needed amount of front and back office space.  

Read more about the Itäkatu Family Center on the City of Helsinki website.

For further information, please contact senior consultant Rashmi Werning.

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