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Picture. Large robot gantry station with two six axis welding robot welding a machine frame. The machine frame as well as all other products are programmed offline (on the left). 

A big Yaskawa gantry robot station was prented to interested public on Thursday the 28th of January at Shuitemaker Machines B.V. in Netherlands. The robot station with two welding robots and totally 19 synchronically controlled axis is welding agricultural machines and winter service solutions. The robot programs are created using Delfoi ARC offline programming software.

Schuitekoneet.jpgThe one and same offline prorgramming software is used to create the robot programs both for the new Yaskawa station and as well for the two older CLOOS installations. The software creates the robot programs semi-automatically utilizing the features of the CAD models with maximal efficiency. The welded components are of prismatic shape. This makes it possible to copy and clone welds as well as mirror weld chains. Quality of the programs is consistend due to unique welding procedure database of the system.  


The software implementation was done byLACLAC is Delfoi’s professional partner in Netherlands. The institute has expertise and skills in implementing offline software for very complex robotic systems. 
LAC’s work at Schuitemaker included: Yaskawa work cell modelling, commissioning including work cell measurements and calibration and training of Schuitemaker users.

The robot accuracy was extremely good after calibration: the biggest measured error was only 3 mm taking in account the size of the installation!

Visit LAC homepage.

See the news at Schuitemaker home page.

See the the Shuitemaker launch video: 



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