Delfoi launches its new Delfoi ARC 4.0 Software in Gothenburg



The new Delfoi ARC 4.0 offline programming (OLP) software represent the most advanced offline programming technology available today. The software is for arc and laser welding as well as for plasma and laser cutting processes. There are a lot of new unique features for even faster and easier programming and welding simulation and visualization.

As part of a seminar on simulation hosted by Delfoi, Visual Components and Virtual Manufacturing we will release Delfoi ARC 4.0 on October 19 in Gothenburg’s Clarion Collection Hotel Odin.

The software is unique where time, money and quality counts:

  • Very fast and easy programming and trajectory/program editing
  • Quality control: accurate and smooth trajectories
  • Accurate tool paths: advanced calibration tools and trajectory management
  • One for all: support for all major robot brands

Find out more about Delfoi ARC 4.0 here.

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