Dyntell signed for Delfoi Planner partnership in Hungary

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Dyntell and Delfoi signed partnership for Delfoi Planner in Hungary

Dyntell has decided to integrate Delfoi Planner to their P@rtner ERP system. Delfoi Planner APS and MES solutions will be part of the Dyntell offering for the Hungarian market.

"This is totally a new market for us and Dyntell has large customer base, excellent technology and wide experience on manufacturing in Hungary. This is a perfect match for both of us. Together we are able to create value and productivity to manufacturing customers in Hungary." Raimo Puro, CEO of Delfoi comments.

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Dyntell is a partner for companies who want to continue growing with IT and economic data support to help meet their needs and objectives with several hundred clients in Hungary and abroad. Dyntell’s team of experienced consultants gained their knowledge from working in real-life positions. Dyntell’s ERP system is being used in more than 250 locations. Dyntell has signed a partner agreement with Delfoi for providing Delfoi Planner as part of their Dyntell ERP system. 

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