A convincing experience – Delfoi Planner used in Normek plants

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Normek first adopted the system at its Naarajärvi plant

Marko Kähkönen, who oversees the development of production planning, explains:
"After we adopted the system, the efficiency of our working time improved drastically, there were fewer errors and our delivery reliability also improved. Our production is now more focused and effective."

Project information is extracted from difficult-to-use excel files. The Planner is easy to use and the production status can be checked at a glance via the visual user interface. Work has also been boosted by the fact that Normek's employee working hour recording system and the ERP system were easily integrated in the Planner.

Marko Kähkönen continues: "Introduction of the system went smoothly without any special training. Routines can be quickly entered into the system. I've personally conducted the training for the relevant staff in our company because using the system is smooth and pleasant."

The Planner was introduced to the company's Oulu plants last summer.

Director of Normek's bridge building division Petri Kalliokoski tells of his experience: ”Our Oulu plant has been running at full capacity for the whole of autumn since we introduced the system. Thanks to the more precise planning enabled by Delfoi's solution, this is the first time we have been able to avoid unnecessary overtime for rush jobs. This has brought us about 40,000 euros in savings during the autumn compared with the situation last autumn."

Normek has decided to introduce the Delfoi Planner to its other plants as well. According to Marko Kähkönen, "Normek has calculated that using Delfoi has saved one man-year just in planning time."

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