Case Rolan Robotics


Picture. Managing Director Hans Stam

Rolan Robotics, located in Zwaag, Netherlands is experienced robot system integrator focusing in arc welding. Since 1985 the company has sold more than 900 robots. OTC Daihen arc welding robots represent the outstanding majority with more than 700 sold units. Rolan Robotics is Delfoi’s VAR partner. 

What has changed in offline programming since 1996?

CIMG7044.JPGRolan Robotics has always been in the front line of new technologies. Robot offline programming was a rare method of programming robots in the 90’s. The company saw the benefits of simulation based programming method already in 1996.

Managing Director and founder of Rolan Robotics Hans Stam says: “20 years ago offline programming was possible only for large companies manufacturing big construction parts. 3D (CAD) was only in big companies. Today there is a total switch: now 3D is in every company - small and mid-sized companies manufacturing smaller parts are becoming the OLP main stream.”

About the software users Hans says: ”The early offline programming software were difficult to use. The users were more high educated engineers than welding professionals. Now the latest OLP software, like Delfoi ARC, are easy and fast to use. The users have knowledge about welding and also about robot programming by teaching.” 

Customers demand 

Today adaptive sensors, like laser and offline programming have become affordable.

“Customers are requesting more total solutions with laser sensing and offline programming. During the latest years especially need for professional, advanced offline programming software has increased”, says Hans Stam. “Also the welded parts are accurate due to laser cutting,” continues Hans. 

What next - faster and easier

Delfoi ARC weld param.jpg

Picture. Defloi ARC with welding parameter setter

What should be improved, Hans Stam? “Offline programming should be further developed for faster programming and easiness. Welding procedure database, or WPS, should be a must for welding quality. Delfoi’s new software Delfoi Rapid ARC is paving the way,” concludes Hans.  

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