Production PLANNING and execution

Production planning and execution software creates the premises for effective operations

The problem with the current methods for production planning - usually based on Microsoft Excel applications, has to do with the slowness of the planning, its vulnerability to errors and non-transparency between different departments. On the other hand, the production model of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems involve no capacity restrictions and are meant for the planning of rougher-level capacity needs. ERP systems lack fine planning features. This causes inaccuracy throughout the production chain as regards schedules, costs, capacity and delivery times. Another draw-back is their incapability to plan and control over factory boundaries.



Figure. Delfoi Planner multi-site scheduling in a production network. 

Production planning, finite scheduling and execution

Delfoi has developed a web and cloud based solution utilizing effectively Industrial Internet (Internet of Things, Internet of Services) for advanced planning & production scheduling (APS) and production control (MES). Delfoi Planner is easily integrated into a customer company’s ERP system. The software helps drastically reduce production lead-times and work in progress inventory as well as improve delivery accuracy without excessive time or material buckets. Communication between sales and production departments is moved out from silos. Planning and control becomes transparent globally and updates are visible in real time. 

Planning and change management in a production network  

Delfoi Planner enables rapid replanning of changes in production chains as well as the global real-time follow-up of production statuses: the progress of work in terms of both time and number of pieces, realised work cycle times and quality deviations. The corporate management, planners and other interest groups are constantly aware of the status of production at their different plants. Partners, suppliers or customers can have limited access to filtered views of specific data.

Sharing information

Delfoi Planner is an effective communications tool for sharing production- and delivery-related information. Its web-based user interface ensures user profile-based access to accurate, relevant and up-to-date information whenever and wherever needed. The simple and visual user interface makes the threshold of use lower and accelerates adoption. The ease of sharing increases the transparency of planning and decision-making and, consequently, accelerates your company’s reaction capacity.

Production control

The Delfoi Planner software features its own production scheduling and execution module for publishing scheduled worksheets in production and for passing on real-time productional status data to production planning and sales, for example. The software enables paperless production planning and execution.

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